Beauty of the Week: Adrianna Lima

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Face: 99%

Physique: 98%

Smile: 100%


wallpapers-rosamunde-adriana-lima-picture-photo-image-celebrities-picture-andriana-lima-hd-wallpaper-1A supermodel, who is nearly perfect. looks gorgeous from every angle possible, has a perfect body, has perfect facial features. Adriana Lima’s beauty is undescribable. No, theres no collagen in her lips, she is au naturel. Shes brazilian, and models for companies like Victoria’s Secret, Guess, & Armani.

Contrary to the popular belief of blondes being “oh so gorgeous”, adriana lima is the most gorgeous person to ever walk the planet, and her hair is dark brown.

adriana-lima-20080618-425695 435017-model-adriana-lima-presents-a-creation-during-the-annual-victorias-sec

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