Chile Spared Disaster After Powerful Earthquake Kills 6

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LOS ANGELES — A tsunami warning for Chile’s coast after a powerful and deadly 8.2-magnitude earthquake Tuesday night has been called off. BBC News reported that six people have died and tens of thousands of residents along the country’s northern Pacific coast have evacuated to higher ground. The earthquake was centered 52 miles northwest of the mining town of Iquique and shook the area for 40 seconds at 8:46 p.m. local time. Government officials have declared the regions of Tarapaca, Arica and Parinacota disaster areas and they are also trying to locate 300 prisoners who escaped a women’s prison in Iquique. In Arica, a desert port city in northern Chile, attorney Josefina Pardo told the Los Angeles Times about how the earthquake went down in her place. “I have a 14-year-old son and the quake was so strong that we couldn’t stay on our feet. My boyfriend passed by to look for us and we went to a secure zone. Police passed by houses to tell people to evacuate. People are very afraid. Everyone is fearful of a tsunami and because we have no electric power. We took our dog with us and the evacuation was very rapid and orderly.” Although the northern Chilean coast has been spared a tsunami disaster, resident reported big waves hitting coastal areas as well as multiple fires, power outages and landslides. Chile has been affected by powerful earthquakes due to its location near the Nazca tectonic plate. A 1960 earthquake in southern Chile that registered a magnitude of 9.0 killed thousands in the country and triggered tsunamis on the Pacific coast from Hawaii to the West Coast.

- Ed Carrasco

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