Why is ‘Cesar Chavez’ Failing at the Box Office?

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Despite a huge promotional push, Cesar Chavez tanked at the box office on opening weekend.

According to Deadline, the highly anticipated film raked in just shy of $3 million dollars. The movie about the life of the acclaimed civil rights leader gained some buzz in the weeks leading up to its release, winning an Audience Award at the 2014 South by Southwest Festival in Austin. President Barack Obama even held a private screening of the film in the White House.

So, why is it doing so poorly at the box office?

The biopic, which was directed by Diego Luna and stars Michael Peña, Rosario Dawson and America Ferrera, received lukewarm reviews from critics. Scott Mendelson of Forbes described it as more “homework than entertainment”, and the film racked up a paltry 40% on popular movie ranking website Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite its lackluster performance, many still feel that Cesar Chavez tells an important story. In fact, Harvey Weinstein lauded it as a monumental flick that should be required viewing for all Americans.

- Cristina Arreola (Latina.com)

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