Cast of ‘Orange is the New Black’ Talk Latina Empowerment

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Netflix’s Orange is the New Black is by far one of the biggest breakout series and the cast is gearing up for season 2!

Dascha Polanco who plays Daya, Selenis Leyva who plays Gloria, Jackie Cruz who plays Flaca, and Jessica Pimentel who plays Maria, recently discussed Latina empowerment with Fox News Latino.

“We are still not in the clear. We have to continue to push the door,” Leyva told Fox News Latino of the importance of being a Latina actress now. “The fact that that it is such a big deal that there are six Latina’s on a hit show is an indicator that we still have so much more work to do. It shows that there is a lack of us in mainstream media and Hollywood.”

She continued, “We can’t sit around and complain. We must be smart and knowledgeable. We must be prepared and supportive of one another.”

Cruz chimed in on the question stating that the show has opened up new doors.

“It is amazing to be on a show with (six) different Latinas of different shapes, colors, sizes and personalities,” Cruz explained to Fox News Latino. “I feel that Orange has opened new doors for the Latin community.”

And why do they believe there is so much interest in this cast of Latinas? Polanco says it’s the diversity.

“Because we are all so different. The diversity that we represent is becoming the face of America,” Polanco told Fox News Latino.

“This is the first time that there are six Latinas in a hit show. The show is very real and deals with real issues. I am not a size two and people say that I am sexy. We are exposing different forms of beauty. We are breaking away from the traditional norms.”

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