Mexico City Cultural Fair Draws 87 Countries To The Zocalo

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Mexico City is hosting groups from 87 countries at the 2014 Culturas Amigas Fair, which was inaugurated by the capital’s mayor, Miguel Angel Mancera, earlier this weekend.

This year’s fair is being presented in the Zocalo, Mexico City’s largest plaza.

“This plaza today represents what we all desire, which is world peace. This plaza today represents what we all want, which is the brotherhood of all nations,” the mayor said during Saturday’s opening ceremony.

Officials expect the fair, which runs until June 1, to draw about 70,000 people per day.

The fair gives Mexicans an opportunity to enjoy cultural offerings, food, crafts and different forms of human creativity from around the world, the mayor said.

The 87 delegations participated in a brief parade on Saturday, showing off the most important elements of their cultures.

The fair features an arts forum where dance and music performances will take place, allowing visitors to learn about the culture and folklore of the different countries represented at the event.

Groups from Guatemala, Russia, Israel, Chile, Ivory Coast, the Philippines, Bolivia, Japan, France, Ecuador, Jamaica, India, Germany, Venezuela, Brazil, Australia, Algeria, Peru, Indonesia, Panama, Argentina, Honduras, Poland and Colombia are among those performing at the cultural fair.

A tribute to late South African President Nelson Mandela and a celebration of Europe Day with the European Union are on the fair’s schedule of events.








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