Zaidy Bello

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Face: 97%

Body: 97%

Smile: 94%


Zaidy-Bello-en-Rolos-by-Algis-Infante-21 Zaidy-Bello-en-Rolos-by-Algis-Infante-11 Zaidy-Bello-en-Rolos-by-Algis-Infante-41

Today’s beauty comes from the lovely Zaidy Bello, who hails from the Dominican Republic.  She is currently a professional model that holds the title of Miss Gaming Inernational RD for 2012 and is also a Diplomacy and International Service student, so she has both brains and beauty.

20121215-ZAIDY_BELLO_17-446b695ad1 e e9836d_e5ea6d85375cb69142e57a8f8a656c4f IMG_1387 IMG_5436 IMG_5501 IMG_5550 MG_9811-400x599-400x300_c IMG_5435   Zaidy-Bello-en-Rolos-by-Algis-Infante-31  Zaidy-Bello-en-Rolos-by-Algis-Infante-51 Zaidy-Bello-en-Rolos-by-Algis-Infante-61 zaidy-bello-feat zaidy-homepage-green Zaidy-Bello-2 ZAIDY-BELLO-BY-ALGIS-INFANTE-004 Zaidy-Bello-by-Algis-Infante-009 Zaidy-Bello-by-Algis-Infante-0031

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