Ayisha Diaz

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Face: 92%

Body: 98%

Smile: 92%


ayisha-diaz-004-2011-10-11-the-vixen-connoisseur ayisha-diaz-photos-15 ayisha-diaz-photos-11

Height: 5’3

Measurements: 34-27-39

Ethnicity: Dominican

Location: New York, NY

Home Town: Omaha Nebraska

Twitter: twitter.com/ayishadiaz

Ayisha-Diaz-sultrygirls-12 ayisha-diaz-blue-joseguerra-dynastyseries-12 ayisha-diaz-blue-joseguerra-dynastyseries-16 ayisha-diaz-nurses-nod-frankdphoto-dynastyseries-04 ayisha-diaz-nurses-nod-joseguerra-dynastyseries-04 Ayisha_Diaz3--525x787 Ayisha Diaz 10 ayisha-diaz-3 ayisha-diaz_05 ayisha ayisha-diaz-joydailytv ayisha-diazjhhj ayisha-diaz-photos ayisha_diaz_25 tumblr_mvdsfnPv8O1rl95d5o7_1280 ayisha_diaz_13 Ayisha-Diaz2021_R-e1368864852531 20120901-AYISHA_DIAZ_1 Ayisha-Diaz-7 ayisha-diaz-veterans-joseguerra-dynastyseries-208


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